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> Meteorology:
    Météo France
    Meteo info, radar in Belgium
    Weather in Begium, forecasts
    British Met
    British Met, 5 days forecasts: Ghent, Belgium
    British Met, 5 days forecasts: Paris, France
    British Met, 5 days forecasts: Cannes, France
    British Met, 5 days forecasts: Coimbra, Portugal
    British Met, 5 days forecasts: Catania, Sicily

> Recipes:

> Position of airplanes and of boats:
    Flight Radar
    Marine traffic

> Internet radios:
    Internet radio
> Streaming:

> Services:
    Goeuro: Book Trains, Buses and Flights in Europe

    Google translate

    Geographical coordinates conversion
    Archaeology journals international ranking
    African Archaeology
    African archaeology, Central Africa: bibliography of the region
    African archaeology, Central Africa: recent publications

    African archaeology, the Journals Table of Contents
    Journals occasionally publishing african archaeology papers